How The Process Works

Step 1Call or Complete Form – Simple, Easy & Confidential!

Step 2Meet and View Property

Step 3Cash Offer and Contract – no obligation offer

Step 4Close and Get Paid


Step 1: Call or Complete the Online Form

Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 865-213-5286or take just a minute to fill out the simple, online seller form on this page. Rest assured that all of the information that you give to us will be kept in complete confidence. If you prefer to speak with someone then you can call anytime, twenty four hours a day. If you happen to get our answering service or voice mail, just leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we possibly can!

Step 2: Meet You and Gather Information

The primary consultation is when we’ll get to meet you, take a look at your house, and asses it. We’ll speak with you about all of your factors that are leading to your decision to sell, and how much money you’re looking to receive in order to move on. From this point we’ll discuss your options, time frame, and figure out what you need. Our specialist will  give you an estimation of what we can pay and from here you can ask any question you’d like answered. We’ll collect all of your information straight from you, so that we can appropriately help you with solving your real estate problems.

Now we’ll take a look at your house.  This is the stage where we will learn about encumbrances, legal liens, or any significant damage to the house, and so on. Keep in mind, condition isn’t a factor for our buying process. We purchase houses in any condition, so don’t worry about whether or not we’ll buy because of damage or other problems. Throughout this process we’ll be able to decide how fast we can get to the actual sale of your house, and the amount we’ll be able to offer you. This can be a win-win for both parties, and we will work diligently to make sure things turn out that way. We want you completely satisfied in the end.

Step 3: Make a Cash Offer and Contract

After we’ve looked at other comparable houses, figured in the cost of renovation, or any other bumps that might have come up, we will make you a genuine offer, that would be an actual solution to selling your house. Our offer will be based on the location, condition, fair market value, as well as a few other factors. Then it’s your turn, you decide if you feel like the offer we’ve sent is fair, and worthwhile. Keep in mind, it’s just an offer, you don’t have any obligation to accept it. If you feel differently about the offer, you can let us know and we’ll speak with you about negotiations.

No situation is the same, so one seller might need to be gone within the week, another could want a different structured buyout. It doesn’t hurt to ask about negotiations, and we are always willing to hear you out in any aspect of the negotiations. We suggest that the owners take their time, and take into account all significant factors, before deciding whether to accept or decline our offer.

4. You Get Paid

Cash Home buyerAt this point, if we’ve agreed on an offer, whether it is the opening offer or something renegotiated, it’s time we sit down with each other and close on the sale. There will be no hidden fees, we do not need to finance the purchase. We will have the cash payment in full at the closing. We’ll pay you the amount we’ve agreed on, and take the house off your hands. Like we said before, no renovations needed, no surprise fees or paperwork that we didn’t let you know about previously. Everything should go very smoothly.

We’ve written this to inform anyone that would like to know how this process works. No matter the reason you’ve decided to sell your house, we will work with you individually to solve any problem and get the best solution. So instead of immediately going to a realtor, why not contact us and give us a shot?

This process is painless, practical, and quick. We are very straightforward and honest with you, from the very start, and we’re very motivated to make this work for you. Give us a call or if you’d rather, you can fill out this form to get in contact with us if you are ready for this process, and most importantly ready to get your home sold.

This Is Going To Be Easy For You!happy-spanish-family

Fastlane Property works with a network of cash homebuyers. We buy houses in Florida as well as other parts of the United States. We are not trying to list your house. We actually want to buy your house. Since we pay cash, we are able to close quickly, or on whatever date works best for you.

When you work with us there are no commissions or fees. There are no extra costs that will be coming out of your pocket. This is very different then when you try to sell your house through a traditional realtor.

Don’t worry about renovating or even cleaning up your house. We’ll buy your house in its current condition… no matter how ugly or attractive it is… no matter the price range or the location.

See what we can offer you for your house…

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