Selling Your House Through Short Sale

Real Estate can be a challenging area, with a good deal of miscalculation, room for error, or just bad luck. With the recent recession, a lot of good people were let go from their jobs, or watched their salary drop significantly. For this reason, many budgets have fallen, and mortgage payments have become more inconsistent. Essentially, a mortgage is a loan taken out based on the value of the house. That means, if the payments can’t be made you’re risking surrendering collateral, being the house itself. If you have a mortgage payment build up, it can start to happen so quickly that now it seems rather overwhelming. Families that have mortgage payments that begin to surpass their capability to pay it back, only have a few options. A short sale is a very efficient solution to a family in this circumstance.

Trapped in debt?

A Short Sale is a Very Probable Alternative

It’s very typical to hear about short sales in real estate nowadays. This is an alternate solution to more severe actions that a lot of folks are required to take into consideration. In fact, after the mortgage crisis that took place in 2008 more than 2.4 million short sales in the United States alone. This shows a major spike in the amount of short sales, mostly because there were few other options for people in distressing financial situations. If you happen to be in a situation like these homeowners, selling your house quickly might be your only option.

The most popular way of avoiding a foreclosure in today’s real estate  market is a short sale. The process is normally very successful, and most realtors/ brokers support it.  Here we’re trying to help you understand a bit more of how it works and what’s involved. It’s a great alternative if you’re facing the thought of losing your home

Cut your losses by selling your house fast

Short sales in real estate are actually quite straightforward, theoretically. It’s the sale of a real estate property when the profits will end up falling short of the balance of debt gathered across the properties. In order to make this happen, the debt holder has to set the homeowner loose  of the details in their contract and acknowledge that they will be given less than the complete amount owed on that debt. Essentially, this is everyone accepting that the complete amount won’t be repaid. Which means, deciding to sell your property quickly and cutting your losses, as opposed to burning up money, and energy on a result that you know you won’t win.

Being the homeowner, a short sale enables you to sell your property for cash. This has become a more and more popular occurrence throughout the last few years. It’s not surprising when seeing the other options people have when facing unrealistic amounts of debt. If you think that it’s about time you looked into a short sale, and you are ready to sell your house, then getting in touch with Fast Lane Property is your first step towards that goal. We have a professional staff that is extremely well equipped to handle your short sale . No two sales are the same, and we know that. That’s why we work with every individual based on their personal circumstances.

Your Best Option in Tough Times

We know short sales aren’t the perfect solution in any situation, however they can be the best option under tough circumstances. Here at Fastlane Property, we aim to help you with the uncertainty and confusion that comes with a short sale, should you ever have to resort to one. We want to make this as painless, and simple for you as possible.  Give us a shot. We can prove to you that it’s possible to make this whole process simple and convenient for you, while still efficiently selling your property quickly. Our job, and our ultimate goal is to help you, the homeowner, no matter your situation. We’ll make it easy. 865-213-5286

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