Do You Need Cash Fast?

With the holidays quickly approaching you may be thinking, “I need cash fast!” If this is you then you may just have come to the right place. Whether you need money for a trip, end of the year expenses, Christmas gifts, you want to relocate to a different state, or you have unreasonable health care expenses to repay, if you have a house and are interested in selling it, then we can put cash in your hand right away.

Fastlane PropertySelling your home is practically the most effective means for you to receive a substantial amount of cash in a very short amount of time. On the other hand, with the poor real estate market, it is exceptionally challenging to sell a property in a short amount of time. Fastlane Property offers a solution for that issue that is significantly tough to find if you try to sell your house through traditional means. We buy houses for cash.

If you need cash fast, we can offer you cash for your house.

We buy homes due to the fact that it is our job to buy properties and flip these houses, condos, or multi-family units for a profit. We pay cash in order to avoid having to pay lending rates and to steer clear of having to go through a bank. This comes with its benefits to the property seller as well. You get cash fast, for your house. We are able to take possession of the property much faster, relieving you of all of the expenses and payments of maintaining and upkeep of the house. So if you find yourself in need of cash fast, don’t wait for a realtor to tell you that it may take months to sell your house, call us and let us place a fair, cash offer in your hands. [phone]

How fast are you able to buy my home?

Compared to a traditional home buyer, we buy houses much faster. There is a definite reason for that and it is because we do not need to go through a banking institution. Due to the fact that we are cash buyers, we actually have the cash needed to purchase your house from you. This removes weeks of waiting time in order to quickly close the deal and enable you to be free from your property’s obligations.

Once you get in touch with us, the process moves very quickly. In many cases we are able to have a no obligation, cash offer in your hands within 48 hours. From there it is up to you on how quickly we move. Learn how our process works by visiting this page.

Although we cannot state exactly the length of time it will require to close on your property, we can certainly guarantee that it will be much faster than if you were to go through a real estate agent. We do not have another house to sell before we can buy. We do not have to wait for a mortgage approval. We do not have to check with a bank for their approval. If you decide that our offer is right for you then typically we are able to close within 7 days.

My house needs a lot of work –

will you still buy my house?

We buy houses that arewe buy houses as is in all states and conditions. We buy properties as-is. In other words, you do not have to do anything to your house in order to sell it to us. We definitely have an interest in finding out the details of your home even if it is desperately in need in of repair.

Our business model is built around finding fixer uppers, doing all the necessary repairs, then flipping them for a profit. Instead of investing thousands of dollars doing renovations and then trying to sell your house, you can get in touch with us and let us make a cash offer on your house as it is. It is possible that you will walk away not only with cash in hand but also with a load of stress off of your back. 865-213-5286

As cash home buyers, we possess all of the needed resources for making the home selling process as easy and fast as possible. If we are able to come to an agreement on your house, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quick and simple the whole process is for you.

So if you ever find that you are in need of fast cash, contact us. After we gather a few details about your house we can let you know whether or not we are interested in purchasing your house. There is no obligation. 865-213-5286

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