6 Reasons to Pick Cash Home Buyers

Cash Home buyerAre you thinking about selling your house or property, but dread the process? Then take a few minutes to read about the advantages of selling to a real estate investor.

There is a large imbalance in real estate. Folks have lots of various reasons for selling their properties, but in truth just have three choices for doing this. Based on how you categorize options, there could be a fourth. So regardless of your reasons, you’re stuck with the identical choices as everybody else .

You could sell using a realtor within the real estate market, independently within a for sale by owner (FSBO), or you could sell to a real estate investment . That’s pretty much it. Selling to a private investor is an additional option, unless you own an extremely high-end house, or have a premium house that needs considerable restoration, odds are you’ll have a hard time finding this kind of opportunity.

Doesn’t that seem a bit aggravating? You and your neighbor are selling for entirely different causes, but you’re stuck with the identical choices for selling.

You could say we’re biased, however our team at Fast Lane Property firmly believes that in most circumstances, you can get a first-rate deal selling to an investment group. We can think of six excellent reasons.
So we start from the beginning :

1. Greater flexibility
While you have just three or four main choices when selling a house, cash home buyers are able to provide increased freedom. We’re not a family wanting to purchase and settle into a home. We’re investment groups that wish to earn a return. That guarantees we’re ready to coordinate with your specific circumstances.

If you’re selling as a result of a divorce settlement, we’ll coordinate with you in a different way than we would if you needed to get out from an underwater mortgage. Running into foreclosure? We have targeted ways of collaborating with those home owners. This is not a one-size-fits-all situation. You have a specific reason for selling, and we’ll collaborate with you to find the best deal attainable.

That’s not the only way we can adapt . There is  a reason that cash home buyers are significantly more versatile than conventional realtors .

2. You decide on the closing date
If you sell with a realtor, you’re generally not in control of the closing date. That’s part of the written agreement. That can be a headache if you would like to sell without delay. Maybe a prospective buyer makes a satisfactory offer, but won’t be able to close for a month or two. Then what? Sit and wait on some other acceptable offer?

It isn’t a great place to be. If you decide on a cash home buyer, however, we can close on your timetable. Will want to close in two weeks ? We are able to meet even that aggressive a schedule. Want to close a couple months from now? We can do that .

3. You won’t have to deal with repairs
You would be surprised to see a few of the renovations houses need to have simply for them to sell. Realtors will commonly tell you that you have to fix even the tiniest, detailed repairs if you want to sell. The dirt is in the details, so realtors want to scrub that dirt meticulously.

And you know what? Realtors are correct. They know their stuff. If you hope to sell your house within the market, you need to make these little renovations.

Next we come to the significant repairs: foundation damage, roofing breaches, plumbing leaks, septic issues, and so on. You have no choice but to have these restored before you sell. If you don’t, a bank won’t provide a buyer financing– even if you provide your house at a big markdown.

By using cash home buyers, you sell as-is. We deal with the renovations once we close. It’s not your problem any longer. You simply sell the house and move on. Pretty sweet deal, right?

4. No fees, no commissions
When you receive proposals, you can’t just look at the true number. You will need to consider a variety of added fees. For example, the seller will have to pay a realtor’s commission. They could even be asked, as a part of the negotiation, to pay off several of the buyer’s costs, such as an appraisal.

Then you have contingencies. The buyer has a right to request specific concessions prior to signing a contract. A seller doesn’t have to agree, but to say no is to turn down the deal. So perhaps you listed your home for $150,000. The actual amount you deposit in your bank account (minus the amount you continue to owe to the bank) is going to be much, much less.

Whenever you sell to a cash home buyer, you receive an all-cash proposal. That’s the amount you transfer into your bank account. It is the end all, be all number. There are also instances where, when you include renovation expenses, you may in fact receive a greater amount of money than with a conventional sale.

5. You won’t have to let complete strangers inside your house
Who likes to have groups of strangers inside their house? Even worse, who prefers to do that on a regular basis? It can take some time to to sell a house, and your realtor may show it to a couple dozen families. Worse yet, you need to make the house look perfect to these prospective buyers. Now, the house that you’re living in, is under their schedule, it can feel like it’s not even your house anymore.

This can be a really aggravating part of the selling process, but if you decide to sell to Fast Lane Property, that won’t be necessary. The only strangers that will enter your house, if you sell to us, is the buyer, and we hope by the time we arrive at your house, we’re not just strangers.We want you to be at ease with all of the selling process, so we provide consultations over the phone and face to face.

6. You won’t need to stress over financing
After weeks to months of showing your house, you eventually get a buyer. They send an offer that’s in line with your asking price. They don’t request a hundred contingencies. You’re almost there, it’s almost closed.

Then you get the news: they can’t get a bank which will provide them with financing, or they can’t get a rate that works for them. It’s a nightmare situation.

Now it’s back to step one . At this point your house has been on the market even longer. and your buyer has fallen through. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s not looking good for you.

Whenever you sell to cash home buyers, you won’t need to stress over us securing financing. We purchase houses with cash, so you’ll experience a hassle-free and simple process. We virtually eliminate the most unpredictable phase of the selling process.
Are there reasons to pick the conventional real estate market and not cash home buyers? Obviously there are. We aren’t so biased or conceited or ignorant to think that each homeowner should sell to a private investor.

We do firmly believe that in many cases, homeowners are better off with cash in hand up-front, instead of a potentially bigger amount after completing renovations and showing a house from weeks to months. All of it is based on your personal circumstances. Regardless of what these circumstances are, Fast Lane Property can, and will work with you.

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