List With an Agent or Sell to an Investor?

Choosing one of the three options, it all depends upon two things. The condition of your house and your market. If your house needs little, to no work, you can very easily try fixing it yourself and getting it online and listed. However, if you are trying to sell your house as fast as possible, … Continued

Why Sell My House As Is?

When trying to sell a house, it’s hard to know whether you should take the time to fix it up, or just go ahead and sell as is. There can be a lot of benefits to selling a house as is, mainly being for the sake of time, and cost. In this article, we’ll try … Continued


Do you have an old house that you are ready to be rid of? Are you embarrassed when people come for a visit? Does the thought of trying to fix up the old place stress you out? If you were to describe your house in one word, would that word be “ugly“? This can be … Continued

Realtor couldn't sell my house

Promoted In Your Work, or Simply Need to Move Now?

Relocating can be something that comes up in an instant. Maybe for a promotion in your line of work, problems in the family, possibly even a divorce, or just ready for a fresh start. Relocating comes with its share of complications, but selling your house doesn’t have to be one of them. Thinking of going … Continued

Do You Need Cash Fast?

With the holidays quickly approaching you may be thinking, “I need cash fast!” If this is you then you may just have come to the right place. Whether you need money for a trip, end of the year expenses, Christmas gifts, you want to relocate to a different state, or you have unreasonable health care … Continued

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Selling Your House Through Short Sale

Real Estate can be a challenging area, with a good deal of miscalculation, room for error, or just bad luck. With the recent recession, a lot of good people were let go from their jobs, or watched their salary drop significantly. For this reason, many budgets have fallen, and mortgage payments have become more inconsistent. … Continued

How Much Is My House Worth?

It is the question that virtually every homeowner wants answered when they go to sell their house. Getting the right answer to this question can have a big effect on many decisions. Market conditions can cause this number to fluctuate, sometimes significantly. With so many factors going into coming up with an accurate answer, it … Continued

Sell Your House Fast That Was Damaged By Hurricane Matthew

Last Updated October 8, 2016 Hurricane Matthew Damages Homes In Florida A state of emergency was declared for the state of Florida as Hurricane Matthew pounded the state for several days. This hurricane was the worst to hit the state in over a decade. Although the damage was not as severe as many were predicting, … Continued

Don’t Make these Mistakes When Choosing a Realtor!

Are you thinking about finding a good realtor to list your house? Once you have made the decision to sell, you want to sell your house fast. No one enjoys the haggling and the stream of people going through their home, looking for any and every problem. Before you settle on just the right agent, … Continued

Cash Home buyer

6 Reasons to Pick Cash Home Buyers

Are you thinking about selling your house or property, but dread the process? Then take a few minutes to read about the advantages of selling to a real estate investor. There is a large imbalance in real estate. Folks have lots of various reasons for selling their properties, but in truth just have three choices … Continued